Is Pain Disrupting Your Life?

Think about the many task we perform on a daily basis which require raising our arms overhead.  Loosing this functional ability, affects how we take care of ourselves, and  limits our performance on the job.

Acute pain in a shoulder at the young women. young girl keeps for a sick shoulder on a white background

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain
▪  Overuse
▪  Weakness
▪  Tears
  Trauma / Injuries

To keep it simple, we have 4 muscle that make up our rotator cuff.  The Rotator Cuff covers the head of the humerus and provide stabilization to the joint.  If one or more of these muscles become damaged or injured,  we can suffer loss of movement to that extremity.  Injuries to our shoulder should NOT be ignored.
The Rotator Cuff is the most complicated joint of the body. Without proper treatment or prolong limited range of motion, the shoulder tendons will begin to tighten, resulting in frozen shoulder.


To prevent frozen shoulder from occurring seek out a licensed OT/PT in your area.  Shoulder injuries can be very painful. Treatment should be individualized and tailored to address specific injury.  There is no one stop treatment method for all.  If you are experiencing shoulder pain, allow our licensed therapist to assist you with regaining your independence.

Increase your optimal health and regain your quality of life.  Stop your suffering and begin living life to its fullest.

 Author:  Zemelda Carr, OTR/L, MOT, CST

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