Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I have to have doctor referral?

No.  Make your appointment and we will take care of the rest.

What are the payment options under Destination Life? 

We accept private payments and commercial insurance; we also have payment plans and hardship options.

What if I need same day therapy?

We accept walk-ins welcome.  We make getting the therapy you need convenient.

Schedule appointments:

  • Online
  • Over the phone

Does Destination Life assist with ordering DME?

Yes, we strive to ensure the DME ordered will work appropriately for you.  Don’t buy a lot of stuff guessing what you need.  Let us evaluate your needs and place the order for you.

What is an evaluation?

An evaluation is a one on one session with you and your therapist.  Your therapist exams your problem area to determine plan of care option or if therapy is an option.

If you desire a one on one consultation concerning how our services can cater to you or your loved one, schedule an consultation by call our office:  817-473-1313.

How do I know if I will receive in home therapy  + care or clinical therapy?

Unless you have a doctor orders reporting that you are home bond, your visit will be scheduled for the clinic. If you are private pay, you can receive home healthcare without the need of doctor orders.

Slots fill quickly, so do not hesitate.

Can I bring my children with me to my therapy visit?

No sorry, only the client receiving direct treatment is allowed in the treatment area.  Children can not be left unattended.

What if I have therapy orders from my doctor?

Great! Orders are not required, but bring them with you and we will take care of the rest.

How long does it take for an evaluation?

Evaluations can run anywhere for 30 min to 1hr.  The time is determined by the complexity of your condition.  Don’t forget to ask about our flex scheduling.  Flexing our schedule allows kids or adults to receive treatment early bird hours or after hours.  We know that 8:00am – 5:00pm does not work for every schedule.

During our pediatric evaluations, we ask that parents be present during initial the evaluation process.  This process is crucial to gain clear understanding of your child’s condition.


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