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Occupational Therapist are licensed and trained to treat the "whole person".  As women , our bodies bodies are in a  constant state of change.  From the onset of hormones , menstrual cycle, child birthing ,  weight gain/loss, menopause, and continuous aging.   Our mental and physical state undergoes  roller coaster ride.

 Occupational Therapist are skilled to assist women through life changes by teaching skilled techniques and education through life's difficult journey. 

How can we help you?

Occupational therapist can remediate, compensate, or adapt a client’s abilities your functional abilities in order to  maximum your  level of independence .

 •  Increase your ability to management daily activities  (ADLs)

 • Post treatment Rehab to address weakness , fatigue, positioning,  and home support.

• Provide education and training to increase your ability to manage your lifestyle

  • Support Groups,  Aquatic Classes, Sexual Dysfunction Training, and Telemedicine.

​• Consultation to address  mental health stressors  with coping and recovery. 

• Sleep and fatigue management and relaxation management techniques to promote health, sleep, and sex 

• Cognitive  and memory strategies organizational function.

 • Management of lymphatic swelling  that can hinder active range of motion

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